Laws of Life

Written by: William Fernandes

GOD – to him you be steadfast,
like a dog to its master till the last.
Forever loving, endlessly pardoning and kind!
To slightest tension, you shouldn’t mind.

Mother – truly, like her,
you won’t find another.
A GOD-send caretaker;
till her end, never you forsake her.

Friend – only the one, 
for you who backs till the end.
From whom your joys and sorrows never hide,
even in bad times, is by your side.

Money – ever flowing by your side;
like the river by its bank.
When bountiful, it gives you a joyous ride,
its dearth but counts you in the lowest rank.

Yourself – to it listen you often,
elevates even when you are nothing.
This self when lost, makes you a simpleton.
Where its success, there lies everything.