Written by: Robert Walker

over the years ive been accussed of some things i did not do
just because im capable of it doesnt mean that it is true
seems somehow i brought this on since i was a kid
but ive always stood up and took account of all the things i did
yea maybe that sounded like something that i would do 
but you know if it was me i would have stayed to see it thru
im not the type that would up and leave something half-done
i would have to stick around just to see the out-come

perhaps i have done some things that might have brought me shame 
but i would not just bail out and let someone else take the blame
now if i had made a mistake id be the first to admit 
but i refuse to wear those shoes if i know that they dont fit

 so before you set out to go accussing 
 me of this and that 
 make damn sure that you dont go confussing 
 the  fiction with the facts