Succulent Love

Written by: sharon chirau

What is to live when u hvnt experienced real love?
 wat is to breathe wen he wakes me sore lyk a dove?
 hw do i kip holding on wen voices kip screaming in my head?
 screaming, "it ws nt meant to be,so jus let it go!"
 bt hw do i let him go when...
i hv becum susceptible to his very presence
 his aura,an unquenchable bold essence
 his gentle touch sends shivers dwn my spine
 his kiss,nothn cumz close to being so divine
 his sexy smile can make a gal forget her own name
 his eyes, their sparkle has indeed made me so tame
hw r u so quick to judge wen u hvnt met him?
 do u nt kno wen u do meet ur words may become gleam?
 his presence wil indeed cover u lyk a glove
 yes him...his name is none other than... "Succulent Love"