When I say What I really mean

Written by: Charles Clive

Oh Mother-in-Law. Oh Mother-in-Law, I hope you will stay, just like before; but Mother-in-Law, dear Mother-in-Law, I’ve introduced rules you mustn’t ignore. Now Mother-in-Law, oh Mother-in-Law, our breakfast is breakfast, you’ve noted I’m sure. So Mother-in-Law, dear Mother-in-law, please keep off the gin and whiskey galore. And Mother-in-Law, my Mother-in-Law, the hoover is hassle, cleaning a chore; so Mother-in-Law, dear Mother-in-Law, stop dropping your fag ash onto the floor. Then Mother-in-Law, oh Mother-in-Law, should Susan and I have a small private war; dear Mother-in-Law, oh Mother-in-Law, do not intervene, just kindly withdraw. Oh Mother-in-Law, oh Mother-in-Law, if, in the end, you can stand it no more; please Mother-in-Law, dear Mother-in-Law, depart with decorum. AND DON’T SLAM THE DOOR! But oh, what I mean, dear Mother-in-Law: I find you a pain – and a terrible bore. So Mother-in-Law, oh Mother-in-Law, I’ve had quite enough. Please come here no more! ~
For Nancy Jones' Competition.