Drunken Daze

Written by: Robin Jacobs

As she lays there thinking,
she begins drinking
because loneliness is sinking
in, so she'll keep drinking.

She pauses between sips,
before the bottle touches her lips
she'll dream of his hands on her hips.
So she'll keep drinking.

The boy is a beautiful nightmare
only existent in her prayer.
He's amazing, with nothing to compare.
So she'll keep drinking.

Drifting into a state of delusion,
everything is now just an illusion.
Nothing but constant confusion.
So she'll keep drinking

Her world is now crumbling,
so she gets up, stumbling.
Her loneliness is doubling,
so she'll keep drinking.

Nothing is ever left to chance,
and given the right circumstance
she'll get a glimpse of romance.
So she'll keep drinking.

Now her body begins to sting,
and unhappiness is all the morning can bring.
And then she can't feel anything,
but she'll keep drinking.