Written by: Doreen Wright

The secret is no secret,

those who hold it for too long

do not live for very long and

those who let it go,

find a way to breathe deep and slow.

The contents of Pandora's box

escaped one day,

the bones in the closet

disintegrated and blew away.

Disloyalty is not needed but

communication and understanding,

allows life to multiply, nothing taken away.

So a secret that hurts and bruises needs to be killed

in order for the holder of it to receive new will.

Certified individuals paid to hold secrets

are a dime a dozen, one on every corner,

learned how to take the fire away from others,

how to hold it up to the light and

examine it then set it to take flight.

Knowledge is power, that we all believe,

let the secrets go so knowledge can be conceived

holding on will only allow death to be achieved.

Are there any secrets worth that much?

You are not your choices or your experiences.

Do not believe such.