Happy Halloween

Written by: Donald Reith

It was a dreary and gloomy October night

as I traversed the streets there were scenes filled with fright

 I saw Frankenstein with the WolfMan 

walking under a tree with an owl,

 It was very eerie my legs felt weary

 as WolfMan started to howl, 

Then a Gorilla not Magilla,

was holding hands with Godzilla,

 What was unfurling?

Winds were swirling

Had I awoken in a Creature Feature Thriller?

 Then a tap upon my back

it was a Vampire asking for treats

 I yelled out "No ! Now please just go!

"You,d have my blood for your sweets"

Then big and obscene

 a muscled fiend

 his skin was perpetually green,

 I wished to sulk and then The Hulk

shouted, "Happy Halloween"!