A Reader Didn't Like What I Wrote

Written by: Elton Camp

A Reader Didn't Like What I Wrote

By Elton Camp

So you didn't like the things I wrote
And you called me an old billy goat

It really comes as a considerable surprise
That yourself you were able to recognize

To your faults I'd decided you were blind
And thought everything you did was fine

So  you characterize me as one stinking 
Because I said what others were thinking

The facts you greatly prefer always to hide
For truth is a virtue that you can't abide

Nevertheless, I most humbly do take back
Whatever ideas you would have me retract

It's better in ignorance that you rove about 
Than that I should dare try to help you out

But this statement, real sincerity does lack
For my fingers are crossed behind my back

Thanks for letting me learn what does offend
You can be certain that I will soon do it again