Written by: Keith Bickerstaffe

...for Larry and Mary

Sun's a risin', critters stretchin,'
trailer park's a comin' to,
on my way to Mickey D's
for coffee, boy, I'm missin' you!
Papers puddlin' in the driveways,
guess we had a storm or two,
belly's grumblin', heart's a yearnin',
crusty-eyed and feelin' blue.

Windows leakin', curtains drippin',
we are sure not weather-tight,
walkin' stiffly 'til I'm supple,
cravin' you with all my might.
Passing by a yellow homestead,
Mary beckons me inside,
coffee with a neighbour sure beats
'have a nice day,' as your guide.

Larry's tendin' to the cats, I swear 
he loves 'em like they's kin,
three are heathy, full of mischief,
fourth one needs some doctorin'.
Not only coffee, but some bacon,
hashed browns and a mess o' eggs,
community, and gracious livin'
set this boy back on his legs.

She won't let me leave without
a great big hug, a kiss, a treat,
and a pack of cigs from Larry
make my gloomy day replete!
I'm still longin' for my sweetheart,
phantom kisses, hugs and such,
but with this couple's downhome carin'
it don't seem to hurt as much.