Broken hearted me

Written by: Cheryl Aldea

Autumn day, and I feel the sadness carried by the air that wraps my feelings started to gone And now you say you want to leave Tears fall from these eyes It hurts inside cause still now I can’t find the reason why? In you I have found my life And find that I have finally found a new life. Echoes of my voice slowly die try to ease the pain in my heart, that feels like it will never beat this much again. Was I a fool who feel in love? with his own dream searching for the promised you’ve made where did it go? Does anybody know? I can still recall the warmth of the night And angels brought me to the past Tonight I’ll hold what it could be right To leave the thoughts and memories behind Time will heal, broken hearted me Tomorrow I’ll pretend to And find that I know how to let you go If I had a Broken Heart – Contest HGarvey Daniel Esquire