You saved my life

Written by: mandy cabral

Just when I so thought nothing could go right,
You came marching into my sorry life. 
You didn't push, you just talked to me. 
You eyes spoke, But I was too blind to see. 
My heart was tired and my body was weak, 
I was to convinced to even try to talk
You touched my heart and without hardly any words, 
I fell in love in a way that was so absurd. 
Just one look in your eye , 
And I was soaring through the sky. 
I felt like an angel just let free, 
I never thought this feeling could ever be. 
You opened my heart and showed the meaning of love, 
without words, just us. 
You gave me hopes for a better day, 
I will only be like this if you stay. 
I have the courage to fight forever, 
With you by my side I will always endeavor. 
Just your soft hand showed me the light, 
That is why I can say your love saved my life.