Be True

Written by: mandy cabral

If You told me once
Maybe you told me not
You told me twice
But maybe I forgot
So tell me now
And tell me true
Will you lie
Or can I really trust in you
All my friends believe
You're just another guy
Who sometimes treats me like trash
And tells nothing but lies
Now I need to know
I need you to say
Will you be there?
Beside me all the way
Can I trust you
With my fragile heart
Or will you take it
And tear it apart
I can't afford
To have my heart broken
It's happened too much
Too many harsh words have been spoken
My heart has been left
Scarred, torn and hurt
Too many guys
Have treated me like dirt
All I need
Is another guy to be untrue
To leave me lonely
Crying and blue
That would complete the plan
Of the male race
To steal my heart
And throw it back in my face
I have to believe
This will not end
By you saying
Let's just be friends
I have to know
Will you be there
Or will you leave me
Lost in the pain and despair
I have to believe
I can trust in you
You will only be with me
And always be true