Heartbeats Never Timed

Written by: Daniel Larson

There's fog over the valley,
     the river's running high,
Thunder's rolling from the east
     through a darkening sky.
The ev'ning comes in hazy
     for one moment of time,
Moving through the shades of grey
     trapped in this heart of mine.

Candlelight starts flickering
     in sullen breezes soft,
Bringing chills to youthful dreams
     kept hidden in a loft.
Along forgotten waysides
     are roads no longer signed,
They hold on to lives gone by
     and mem'ries left behind.
Faces in the shadows deep
     can barely hold a smile,
They await the light of day
     not seen in quite awhile.
Chimes echo from an old clock
     when two hands are aligned,
Ever sounding through the years
     for heartbeats never timed.