wars defiant ones

Written by: louis rams


They came back from the war as  defiant as can be
As if they had a split personality.
Tragedies had opened up the doors
To many things they never saw before.

Seeing homeless children roaming the streets
Women who didn’t listen - would get beat.
Terrorist groups killing their own
Pipe bombs planted , ready to be blown.

Civilians scattering all around
Dead bodies laying on the ground.
Men , women and children in the square
On their knees saying their prayers
But to a terrorist they don’t care.

Don’t they realize that life must change
Nothing ever stays the same.
Families being torn apart
As death tears at their hearts.

Natural causes kill millions of people every day
Why are we letting war lead the way?
No matter what name for GOD you may use
When it comes to war - we all lose.

Look at the hospitals in a war zone
Children left with no skin and broken bones
People have lost many a limb
The war is getting worse - it looks grim.

 YES !AMERICA  has lots of imperfections
But people look to us for protection.
Our soldiers After seeing all the atrocities
They come back defiant as can be
To try to change the course of history.