Many of them but few of us

Written by: Sha'ntez Jefferson

Were served pies with no filling so we learn to love the crust
Doctors supplied but no healing searching for someone to trust
A floor that hides from the ceiling so a ladders not enough
The door chastised for being willing to open for the likes of us

Were seen as threats we just provided our opinions or insight
With no regrets I've barely started slaying minions of the night
No heed to death no breath departed I'm still trying to win the fight
All roads go left I'm not thwarted paved my own path to the right

Traps meant to kill we make them yield like dragons teeth around a shield
Not better skilled just stronger willed a sword called justice we all wield
Break down to nil and then rebuild before the moonlight has been spilled
They pay for thrills before their bills and then they end it all with pills

We are soldiers without rank sent to war ahead of tanks
no exposure tombstones blank from poisoned lakes we've often drank
We didnt swell or mutilate so double doses for our plates
It serves them well we switched our fates already trouble on their face