The Auction

Written by: Tania Gainous

going once 
going twice
i wince at the
thought of my future 
being gone
i look around 
and ignore the rich  
in the room
lifting up my right hand
to bid all i have left
silently pledging
with my dreams 
my joy
my heart and
my hunger
to remain diligent 
never ignoring
with teary eyes 
i stare and stand
my right hand still 
lifted high 
feeling like
another number in the
crowd fighting for my life
i cant help but notice 
the silence in the room as i 
plea for another chance
i look to the left 
of me
no one is standing
i look to the right of me
no one is standing
i look in front of me
my future looking bright
and appreciative of my pledge 
then "SOLD" is what he said
to the woman who believes
i still have my future