Orange Red Sky

Written by: Arild Andresen Ertsland

Bound to look at the orange red sky
Orange red heaven,as if on fire
See the sun chasing the moon away
Clouds..forming faces and odd creatures

Staring down into a quiet creek
Silence in the calm water
Faces staring back at me
Movements,like small waves
Creates faces with different looks

From behind the waterfall
Imagine music..`fantastico` melodies
Showered with cold, drifting water
Like a conductor leading the orchestra

Borned to seek and run
Another stage, another performer
With heart strings tuned like a twelve-string
Strumming like a cascade of tuned emotions

Moonlight shadows creates fantasy products
The mood is set, off to seek and live
Yet again, at the break of dawn
Powered by the sun,a new sky lifts and creates a new horizon

July 2nd 2012