I wish

Written by: Mia K

My heart is beating so hard,
I have stomach butterflies
whenever i hear your name or voice..

You used to be a friend,
but now..
Except you on my mind, I have no one else.
I guess I am falling down for you
or so it shows..

Now, I truly wish to cross the world for you
pass the rivers
climb the mountains
overcome any boundaries
just to be with you..

I wish I can close my eyes
and find the dream came true,
when we are alive
deep inside each others soul..

I wish I can truly wish
to have you for real
but then I don't know
if I will earn you the value you need
when someone so precious just like you
should n't belong to Earth,
else they should be in our hearts, engraved. 

I wish I can say it out loud,
that you are the only person on my mind,
only one who acquainted my life
just with minor words..

I wish I can be yours,
and every good thing turns to our best
and may we both turn to be
the best of the best to ourselves..

May you be the husband I am dreaming of,
May I be your loyal wife,
May we build our own blessed life,
and have our kids aside..

May this "May" be Real,
and with you, I am always near.. 
and with your eyes, I am always seen
even if I am not around.. 

I am falling more for you with every heart beat..