Littered Shores of our Lives

Written by: Richard Moriarty

Broken shells littered the shore
a testament to the fury of the storm
so recently upon us did it bore.
Pounding waves incessant in their roar;
foam, dirty and filled with broken blades of sea grass
dotted the white sand as droppings from an angry sea.
Winds howled; a fine white spray burst from the waves
towering far above the floor of the once calm sea
scattering as delicate white lace
upon the rolling waves
only to fall back into their place.
Tides pulling anyone foolish enough to venture into the boiling surf
taking them far out into an unforgiving sea.
To many life breaks upon a littered shore
in a world standing as a testament to broken and wasted lives
that lay scattered in lands filled with storms and lost dreams,
for those who come, linger a while, and then tearfully leave the scene.