Written by: Jane Kostman

I’m writing a letter today to a solider that I know
To let him know how I miss and love him so
And when he returns to Colorado springs
He will see that he is my everything 
And with him I have all I need, yes indeed So
Tommarow morning I will mail this letter that will read something like this
Dear David, I cant wait untill you come home,
Because I miss you so much and sometimes when I am afraid I pretend you’re here with me
Like when I feel alone and I hear the phone ring my heart sings hoping it is you
Calling to say Jane I love you and miss you too,
Yes I do , Just know I will be coming home sometime soon,
So tommarow night I will be alright I will just stay home and sit by the fireplace
Daydreaming of you imaging I see your face while I think of what it will be like
When you finaly call to say, Jane I’m on my way home, and I have miss you so ,
And yes I know you have too ,
Because you love me and I love you,
Yes I love you, I love you , I love you  so
Oh I’m just siting here writing a lettter to a solider that I know
To let him know I miss and love him so.