Music in the Dark -- Puccini

Written by: Carrie Richards

To tell the truth,
I was no fan of opera, in my youth...

When did it come...?   That turning point....?
I do not know, ........
            perhaps I grew, to understand...
            a wrenching tale his stories told
                                    can grab the heart... ...grip fast ...and hold!
Puccini came, from out of nowhere
It finally made more sense to spite of those who scoff, and shake their heads
Alive once more....this man long dead
          has stirred my soul, ........and I was lead, into the clouds, where heaven lives!

I became a fan, ...and realized, such music lives within the blood
It rushes in, and floods my veins, just as it did to those so long ago
An aria... then a divine duet....Rodolpho and his sweet coquette
  connects me to a vine entwined, 
                           with those who listenend, long before my time.

Sitting in the dark tonight, I pause to think
 who would have dreamed
           how tears in the eyes, have formed a thousand rivers?
                 Long through the ages, still coiling with emotion
                   devotional artists, sing of such rapture
                          into the rafter's to countless reception...
A lover's kiss, the singing with prose
Skins turning cold....from the chill beauty holds
Tears to unfold,  hypnotic poses
A bliss such as this
    has left generations.... breathless 

As the curtain is closed........ I must compose myself

Old music that echoes, as it has for centuries
   bouncing off these I'm torn into two....
                 mingling with my heart, the old with the new

The rafter's of time, have absorbed one more time
Two tragic lovers, declaring in song
Throngs have been sung to.....hearts have been wrung
I listen, I watch, as lovers fade from the light
                in poignant beauty,  drifting away...
                      ...........dying in the distance, ........
                             as will Mimi, 
                                 leaving her love behind....alone with a shattered heart
                                                  as death tears them apart
                                                               leaving my eyes brimming over
                                                                     with tears in the dark

 "Music By Puccini"