FREE CEE behind was ahead of me

Written by: jeffry cohan


I left so much behind
That’s what one does when one is losing his or her mind
I left without so much as a final goodbye
That’s what one does when one has an option other than to die
And refuses to listen to one more lascivious lie
To drink him or herself into oblivion
Oblivious to the fact that destiny is dying at his or her bedside
Because fate lied
And forever was an ill-conceived concept from the start
Heaved from the heart of heaven and the breath of an angel unseen
But suddenly pragmatic pain replaced the once pristine
And pain is never induced nor seduced to become thus so kind
And that’s why I left so much behind 
    © 2012…..PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~
(whatever double dactyl is, i carried a double major for 4 years in analytical poetry and creative writing and have no idea what 1/50th of those forms mean)