Expressions Unspoken From My Heart

Written by: Leanne Perks

Where are the words I want to say, words that
come easily to me eachday, but none of them can begin to
express or convey
what my heart is wanting to say to you

My words are few as trying to express how I feel
to you is alittle harder than I thought.

True friendship is a gift that is priceless and
cannot be sold or bought
it is more valuable  than silver and
the finest gold it is a treasure to

I value your friendship as each day passes us by
it leaves no doubt in my mind of the reasons
why we became friends and how much
I need you in my Life no matter what you do
or where you go, I will keep telling you and
letting you know how precious and special
you are to me and hope that you will
soon realise this and see how I appreciate
all you do for me.