The Solitary Bird

Written by: Sakyra V Mance

I gaze at you slowly
Jumping up and about in your rusted cage
Leaving nothing left but white dots around
As I'm looking at you, our eyes meet
We start to have a demented connection
And I begin to wonder if I should set you free
Oh' solitary bird tell me what to do
You start to chirp 
I'm listening carefully
Documenting each and every one of your words
I can't keep up
I have to look away
Your life locked up here, isn't good for you
I lift up my arm and begin to give you bird seeds
You can't help but eat them 
No one will let you go
But don't eat too much, you'll burst
Oh' solitary bird
Don't be angry
I'll eventually let you go
But not now, people are watching
No tomorrow will be better
Though I will let you out at night
You start to chirp slowly
And I can imagine you are saying thank you
For I have done a great deed for the solitary bird