Can you forgive me

Written by: Fisayo Aderounmu

Forgive all my attempts
To make you a magician
Coming to you in dozens of time 
Like a musician and an artisan
At times like a comedian.
A true art of chameleon in religion clothing
Approaching you only for assistance
Never making a remittance but
always giving you the remnant
Even on that i failed to ruminate
But act like a ruminant
I used every instrument of the 
mathematician (that on tithe)
Neglecting all your epistles to the 
Corinthians, Ephesians, 
Philippians, Colossians.
Especially, the one to the Thessalonians.
I omitted the acts of the Apostles
I did not take after the act of Joseph of Arimathea.
These portray the true heart of a politician 
and not a Christian. 
Forgiveness is a decision
Forgive and forget Is a household song
How do i deal with the incisions?
To be safe from infections and perversions
That leads to perdition without neglecting my 
friends affection and persuasion 
That is the nub of this notion
Only by your injunctions and inscriptions
It may be by information for reformation
I can make the right corrections
I must reach perfection
O Lord can you still forgive me?