from mind to mouth

Written by: Robert Walker

we often begin with ,do you know?
 before we offer any suggestion
 but dont you think if they really knew
 there would be no reason to ask that question
some of us speak
  just as fast as most can blink 
and words seem to come out of our mouths 
before we can even think
some of the things we tend to say 
can't even be justified
 and once we realize we made a mistake
 we just stand there questioning why 

yes the mind is a terrible thing to waste
 for its so full of deception 
but it is the tounge that tells the tale
 for it is our most dangerous weapon
just think of all the brillant minds in history
 that somehow ended up dead 
 it was;nt their thoughts that cause their demises
 i beleive it was something they said