Chasing Red Rabbits

Written by: tristen temple

Thinking that if I cannot die unto myself then I am already dead....

Predestined this book; never wishing to assimilate within a world

Marching through the streets these dreams; chasing white rabbits

Wearing golden crowns; resuscitating, Alice amid her wonderland

One million years aside this prehistoric state; shelter love's child....

Left colouring their own heart's truths; opacity, claim them not in

Banners which rise then shout while tossing fallacious hierocracy

All about and into the volcano such sacrifice; transudations blood

Stretching ever forth it's hands unto the zenith of ironies cultigen

Soils outside, lexicals window; foreordained afore ancient pages....


...."Were Torn From Their Eyes * 'The Sower And The Seeds.'"