Slumbering Routine

Written by: Paul Knight-Kirby

Dreary smogged cobbled alley 
Grand pillars, beacons of trade 
Scatty dilacerated forming chaotic diversity 
Foaming dust encrusted skin 
Every crack some wild thing 
Like moss and vine a combination of time and neglect 
Peering into their narrow divides 
Situated together but fully divide 
Like chained enemy’s facing and aware, but blind 
Chimneys that bellow the toxic brew 
Plastics, metals, beers, and shoes 
The regimented requirement given no other choice 
Pressed obligation awarded time 
To eat and breathe perhaps drink some wine 
Every day you are mine those palaces of labour 
Those bastions of energy the life sabre 
Cutting in you every day like a dog, manipulated to obey 
But life’s little indulgences are ones that are worthy 
The system is right and you will see 
That what else could happen what else could be?
Don’t you agree that this is better than nature? 
How could one complain, let’s release those capers 
And brainwash our timid flavours 
for bigger and bigger and more demanding Taylors
you have filled your life with the creation of man 
With the elements of touch and sight 
But your spirit is but a trickle of water 
Misguided by an dead strain of grass
Innocent and helpless without purpose without art 
You were pushed inside by a timid and ignorant fascination 
Perpetually mocked and an abomination of a simple device.  
Pity and shame recompense this marriage of fortified vice.