When I say y'all, what I really mean is you all

Written by: Charles Sides

When I say “y’all”, what I mean is “you all” I don’t know why that is so hard to learn When I hear someone snicker at the word I bite my tongue while I do a slow burn Some say it’s not a word, just Southern slang It’s in the dictionary? take a peak There’s no need to make an issue of it Don’t we all use contractions when we speak? It’s never used in a singular sense Unless you just don’t know the word at all Y’all is considered a plural pronoun Some use it possessively, then its y’alls Called it bad English, outside my home state Yet where I grew up, it’s just common speech English teachers and College professors Would use the word y’all, even when they teach As time marches on, use of y’all will spread No second person plural without it I don’t think “youse guys" will come into vogue The contraction, y’all, will become a hit