Strictly Speaking

Written by: Robert O'Brien

                          Business or pleasure would you choose,
                                 or a combination of the two?
                           and who decides to pay the real price...
                          in search for treasure beyond measure?

                                Would acquaintance last in time,
                                held together by a thread of gold,
                         to weave a dream for the maker to behold...
                       or shall these seeds be scattered to the wind?

                                   What is worth the price to pay
                              strictly speaking one hour of the day,
                                an acquaintance that would prove...
                                    a mere business proposition?

                                 Who comes back to pay this price
                                    one hour of time the sacrifice,
                                     when all is striving after wind...
                                         and who keeps running?

                               Does thy power of beauty measure
                              become thy source of hidden treasure,
                                 which consoles the heart in time...
                                 and bears fruit sweet to the vine?

                                        Does the victim of dream
                                      capture beauty of a scheme?
                                      Delilah's lot becomes a theme...
                                      Sampson was also tormented!

Robert's Book of Poetry
March 25, 1992