Revolution of Young Stalin

Written by: Robert O'Brien

A time of Revolution for a Poet 
was at hand.
of turbulence and triumph...
independent in a land.
On Golovinsky Prospect to the 
main street of Tiflis,
exploits of Djugashvili...
Tilipuchui Tavern was a fleese.

European fashions, Pushkin 
gardens, grand hotels...
often singing melodies, he 
claimed poetry for his swells.
A wandering existence of a 
Bolshevik to be...
the perfect crime was hidden... 
as a mask, a Robbery!

A Poet was becoming... a 
Romantic in his life,
with a faith devoted to a 
struggle, storm and strife!
Yet he never wavered, an 
existence he believed...
that he alone was destined, 
trial and suffering he'd achieve.

Liberation-freedom and the 
forces of a chain,
death and combat were 
essential for a lasting thing to 
The only lasting thing, torn with 
conflict on the brink...
this would mark a struggle for a 
cause within a link.

There was constant trouble and 
a lasting reprimand.
Return to Seminary would not 
happen, eer again.
Yet he chose philosophy... he 
created from the start...
A prisoner and in exile, 
Revolution was his art!

A new world he would order 
from Baku to Petrograd.
Upon the Russian stage he'd 
step, perhaps he had gone 
But he would bear a will... that 
remained for all his days...
forever  in a shadow, 
contradiction in a haze.

Chenyshevsky, Dostoevsky, 
and "the Devils" were his due...
A Russian Revolution became 
the making of a Coo!

Robert's Book of Poetry
From "Young Stalin" by Simon 
Sebag Montfiore
March 10, 2010