The Bonds of Time

Written by: Robert O'Brien

                         The bonds of time are ringing
                            how sweet I hear the bells
                            your memories are singing
                               to me the music swells...

                             Oh how I hear your echo
                            your voice comes to my ear
                          I search for depth between us
                              the answer doth appear.

                                The spirit of your soul
                                  illuminates my brain
                                 it rings within me now...
                                  forever shall remain.

                           I thank you for your goodness
                                your tenderness so dear
                                 we are becoming one...
                                    in unison this year.

                             I sing the songs of Solomon
                              I sing the songs of praise
                                I marvel at your beauty
                                 my voice will serenade...

                                 It's time to raise on high
                                   your echo of the past
                                  I hear you now in time...
                                you've come to me at last.

Robert's Book of Poetry
A True Love
August 1, 1991