Collaborating in the Clouds

Written by: Anoucheka Gangabissoon

Once as my heart bled in the face of human cruelty I sat on the steps of a temple and to God I talked openly Why is it that my life is such? Could you give me only that much? Like the Queen Mary, pure among the virgins My innocence could never speak the language of sins Yet, with disgust and disdain, I was taken for the contempt As I cried with red tears, a climb to the Himalayas I thought to attempt When, Lo! A white effervescence showed its essence Remember! It whispered, remember the holy fragrance Those words written in Holy Books, are erasers of ignorance Those known as the Law of Karma shall make you dance Law of duty, Law of humanity, with all its honesty Each and every man is victim of its propensity So are you, paying for the negative work in your past life Don’t be discouraged in the face of this strife! Remember always to take the name of the Lord Whoever He may be, whatever be His name Your call with devotion shall never be placed in misrecord But with blinding fire, your strife shall end in a flame! With these words, the white effervescense turned into air And with strength in my heart, I brushed my hair Never to cry in the face of a dilemma And my Holy Books sincerely became my aroma!
Anoucheka Gangabissoon 29th June 2012 For the Contest of Poet Destroyer Collaborating in the Clouds Placed 6th