Written by: Patrick Cornwall

When I was  a toddler Father was brilliant

Taught me many things and with the wonder

But as I got older and the passing

Father grew slower until fifteen when..........

He eventually became a dullard

Told me my friends would bring me down

Punished me and locked my mind away

But no locks could hold me and my genius

The years passed until I reached twenty one

I realized that he must have studied while I was sleeping

I received the key  when I  was twenty five

And looked at those blue eyes which  held me

They studied everything I did and loving

Longing to be free I watched the first steps


Studying into the night and prayer

Letting go and giving him my key

I was born for this with my love

Tried with his little hands to turn the lock but the key


I filed till his key fit snug

My prayer was blessed and I thanked