I Stand Corrected

Written by: Robert A. Dufresne

Ah yes, they were right all along
I’m speaking of human evolution.
Sorry folks. In the past I was wrong.
Those facts were a convolution.

For saying in the past, 
that evolution could not cross a class,
I certainly apologize.
That was not wise.

This newly found epiphany 
causes my soul to be sickly.
I’ve been watching it all along
And it happened so quickly!

The theory was simply convoluted.
My thoughts had to be rerouted.
In the few years that have passed
I see a donkey can become an ass!

But as far as a class unable to be crossed
Apparently that theory there is lost.

Because it’s so dam simple
like the nose under the pimple..
It’s happening in reverse,
which is the same only worse.

I see by the facts of our civilization destruction,
the religious rights and common sense abduction,
that Asses have indeed evolved from the donkeys,
And thoughtless humans are evolving into monkeys.

Written to dishonor the recent Court decision to nullify the rights 
guaranteed in the constitution and the Bill of Rights by reengineering the words to fit the unfit agenda of the current administration as has already been done with the reengineering of the words so successfully from “murder”  to “abortion” .  As the slippery slope continues….
-Robert A. Dufresne