My Life As A Pomeranian

Written by: Kim Merryman

Hi, my name is Precious,
And most folk do agree,
That my name is a perfect fit,
For little 'ol sweetheart me.

I'm a toy Pomeranian,
And I was bred to lie on laps,
Which happens to be the very place,
I love to take my naps.

I must confess, I am a beauty,
With my fluffy, golden hair.
My liquid chocolate eyes are bright,
With the intelligence I bear.

I am fed the most delicious treats,
I'm pampered and adored.
Some folk think that I'm too spoiled,
But their opinions I ignore.

My purpose in life is two-fold:
To look adorable and be a friend.
It's my joy and delight to fulfill each one,
And I'll do so 'til the end.

I want to thank my mistress,
For making me the dog I am today:
A beautiful, adored little darling,
I'm Precious! What more can I say?

6/28/12  For Tanya Harrington's "Dog Gone Tales" contest