when love grows

Written by: louis rams


When love has just begun, and two hearts beat as one
And when two minds connect to each other
You will protect one another.

When love grows so strong that there is 
Nothing else in view
That is when I get closer to you.

When all I see is you in my mind
And I long to be with you till the ends of time
And when your eyes take me on a journey
That I’ve never been before
And you seem to open up all closed doors
That is when I love you even more.

When you can look beyond all my faults
And see a light come shining thru
That is when I thank GOD that I have you.

When we can walk hand in hand
And look ahead to this promised land
And see nothing but beautiful bright lights
Then we know that everything is all right.

That is when your soul takes flight
Like an eagle in the night,
And when your heart fills up like
A piñata, and then it explodes
It shows “ what matters”.

That is when love truly grows
And in all you do -“it does show.”