Written by: alisa cook

yesterday you said you cared.
than today your heart was surely beared.
throw'ed out to sea without a doult .
know love or peace not even a shalt !

when i'm i goinga ever learn there's know good 
in a man that's burned. trying to belive i let you go by
but only to pass with more of your lie's .

so i gotta find god and explain what's going on tell him 
i'm lost and feeling these thron's. and hopely tommow when i awake
your be going from my heart and it wont breake .
hopely someone will come along to bring back the love that's so far is gone.
hopely these tear's i cry today will be all washed away someday .

hopely i'll get back up from beening knocked down !and see a new light this new 
time around.