Written by: Christopher Flaherty

S, K, B

My 3 wonders of life
I solemnly swear
Proudly accept
I will never ever be

Able to describe
Or put into words
What I feel for you 3

Because a life without thee

Renders me blind
Deafens my ears
Reduces me to tears

You are the girls
The locks and the curls
That breath into life

What my Sister
Gifted unto me
On the 5th of November
Then the 17th of March
And finally the 29th of June

When I am alone
And I feel a failure

I look to you
Each one
For inspiration

Without you
Stop all the clocks
Switch off the phone
And wrap up the sun
Let the mourners come
And tell tales for fun
To one another

For yee 3 queens of Orient are
The resting place of shooting stars