True Entrancement

Written by: Tom Higgins

Now I have you all in a trance,
You've joined me in my fire dance,
You made my fire burn even more bright,
By burning books to my great delight,
And so the scene is now set,
Most criteria have now been met,
I have already built the stage,
From which I can scream out my rage,
And I now see a global panorama,
Where I can now act out my drama,
In which millions are about to lose,
especially those sub-human Jews,
And Poles, and Slavs and Gypsies too,
They're going to see what we can do.
And as we purify the land,
For the greater good of the purest man,
Then the rest of the world will see,
You can't afford to mess with me.
And for all of you who accept the yoke,
Of total obedience, the chosen folk,
The Master Race, above all others,
Born of pure Arian fathers and mothers,
A thousand year Reich we will build,
Don't dare ask how many will be killed,
Because I know all, I am as God,
I hold in my hand the lightning rod,
To smite our enemies, all to kill,
For the Fatherland I will fulfil,
My plan for living space for you all,
As the sub-humans beneath us fall,
More fuel for our fire we will provide,
By burning millions of those who have died!