Collaborating in the Clouds

Written by: Carolyn Devonshire

Collaborating in the Clouds

Dear Lord, so often I hear Your most loving voice
Are You calling me home or giving me a choice?

     The neuropathy is a challenge for I gave you
     But on your path to heaven, I will see you through

Please don’t judge me by the many tears I have shed
I am weak; You are strong.  By Your strength I am led

     Gentle lady, rest assured I’ll not judge in haste
     Only on the love you gave will your fate be based

How can I know I’ve given enough to others
Love for humanity, all sisters and brothers?

     Your kind acts have far exceeded your mistakes
     The love web you spun, I’ll be sure it never breaks

Will my parents and husband be waiting for me
When I come to the end of this lifelong journey?

     They are here with Me now, and John sends you a kiss
     They wait for you to join in their eternal bliss

*Entry for PD’s “Collaborating in the Clouds” contest
By Carolyn Devonshire, June 28, 2012