It's White Lightening

Written by: Ruth Courtney

Koreas land is black with oil, there is a spill, 
Austrailias set on backwards frount twords the old mill. 
Volcanos are exploding in South Americas lawns, 
Theres ash every where all the way to Tusan. 

Our Equator is in a pile just off our coast, 
The Poles are infected and now begin to toast. 
Cleaning up isn't going to be easy, do you remember the old bull whip? 
Add it to a miracle and we'll get it with a zip. 

The middle East is puckered in the mist, 
  The steam of the Nile and our old Mississip. 

Niagra is seperate remember there are two, 
  One river behind what we see then it again becomes two.