Coloring Books

Written by: Ruth Courtney

As most people do, I guess I collect things, 
  Like comics and news papers, also pretty as they be. 
  But my favorite things to keep are my old coloring books, 
  Now and then I take them out and ponder a look. 

I thought yellow eyes would make Batman look cool, 
  Yellow and blue tights would make all the girls drool. 
  How roughly my name is written on each page, 
  Over and over right hand, left hand, I couldn't decide at this stage. 

Theres Bugs Bunny and Barbie I had just started school, 
  Strawberry Shortcake and Smurfs sure was cool. 
  From staying in the lines to ways long summers days, 
  Memories are what they are made of in the hot summers rays.