Written by: Robert Ball

Swashbuckling, piracy, Tyrone, Errol and yes, Rathbone.
All actors that rode the Spanish Main called the sea home.
Stories of Robinson Crusoe to Mysterious Island.
Fantasy stories with a moral, it’s for enjoyment for man.

Plenty of men have traveled the high seas.
They thought it was their purpose, their destiny.
A wild age then, a new world, a new hope.
Some ships battered and sunk at sea, some got lost, 
But a lot reached the Eastern coast.    

Now legends, fantasy, came from Melville and the like,
About Jason and the Argonauts seeking the fleece, 
A fantasy that had a future so bright.
How Captain Ahab chased passionately for “Moby Dick”!
Mr. Peck, played the part to a tee, cinematography was a kick.

How about Crusoe and his man Friday? Truly one of the best.
The sea has always captured man’s imagination; it just roars sometimes calmly rests.
Movies made from great authors who knew not the way of fowl language.
Our Father has His own picture show going on; morals today signal the end of an age.

Our Holy Bible history is filled with many compassionate moments.
Men of strength courage and fortitude.
Our Father will get his Spiritual Family, keep reading.
Studying, be vigil Brethren, God will soon be amongst men with a Spiritual solitude.