Written by: Donn Ronquillo

and there she will be,
always the girl next door.
the one who you look forward to be with,
she's always grabbing your attention.
she's always smiling,
you're always thinking of her.
different from the rest,
she's always there for you.
above and past all normal beauty,
irresistable and charming.
pretty and innocence,
giving you a relationship you always wanted.
she's someone that listens,
with no hesitating;
for her times seems to fly by,
wild yet timid ann shy,
she opens up with more meaning.
liek a blossoming flower:
oh! anattrction for and with her beauty,
she lights me up,
like the sun on a new morning clear sky.
an angel like none has ever seen,
a miracle with every turn she has taken.