Radical Transformation



Radical Transformation

When I look into the mirror from afar
I can vaguely see my form
But when I’m closer 
I can see the imperfections worn
At first I see only the imperfections
But the closer I’m drawn
There’s a radical transformation
With God’s love I am adorned

In this radical transformation
I remain surrendered and still
For the process takes a lifetime
My human nature God to fill
When I come into the light
The sin shadows fall away
For in the light of glory
I remain calm and pray

From my corrupted and disfigured self
Once distorted and perverted by sin
God changed me daily
Drawn closer to Him
As I study one hour and pray
Until His word makes sense
But at first it really didn’t
And I felt like jumping fence

Since I kept my vow
To continue in His word
Even though I flinched
As the process seemed absurd
He began to change me
The radical transformation in place
His power and His glory
Will bring us face to face

In this radical transformation
Others see the change
Some things in my life
He had to rearrange
But my life now has relevance
So on this path I’m stayed
Committed to lead others
By what God himself portrayed.

Copyright © Maureen LeFanue 2008-2012