Light and Darkness

Written by: Michael Smith

Within its purest form impotent are the Earthly eyes Amidst attempts to behold the wonder of its core Reverse osmosis, listen, hear the light converse It reveals all its truths to one's heart, first In faithfulness then, twined paradox unlocks Healing the blind unto knowledge of the universe Ponder upon what is first, morning glory or twilight hour What extracts the human experience or causes it to withdraw Smiles can pass through ultraviolet, passions can burn hotter than infrared In their harmony, the body and spirit should be in continued rejoicing The conscience being bathed in warmth should be in song and constant singing But, soon the wolf, a storm of nightress unsuspecting rapidly appears Lest we forget transforms into a well paid assassin A lingering shadow, cleaving in envy to the absence of his own tabernacle In hopes sheep shall stray from gospel sunrises, away from heaven's twinkling jewels Or become estranged from simple truths shone from paler moons Darkness in delight conspires with the unknown and contracts with greater fear Slippery slopes, quicksands of weakness, which evil reveres But, here in the distracts of terrestrial life we need to be bipolar For without opposition we'd never be sure how much we love the other Thus, we must embrace one of the created brothers For it is in wisdom of that choice, we shall grow wilder or wiser