What more can You do

Written by: Toquyen Harrell

Thank you Lord
For giving me all that
I would never would have asked you 
Had you not put it in my heart
And granted it
Love you Father
You have made me a different person
With a different outlook
I no longer see things as impossible
As there is nothing impossible with you
I no longer see things as difficult
As I can do all things through You
I love life as you put a touch in it
Thank you Father for your hands upon it
God why do you love so much?
Why do you see our needs and desires
And then provide them?
God you are not a respecter of person
I know you can do for others too
You know what should be my motto
“I always get everything I wish from God”
Because that’s You God
You always give what we ask for of You
I wish more people would know that
Would come to You for what they need and want
Because You do give
I love You Father
Have a good, well deserving rest from your daughter
Who always ask You for things
But You have given now all
What more can you do?