Run Away

Written by: Katty Holburn

Call the sickness out from under you,
Tell the people what is really true.
Know the pain that you all might feel,
But see the comfort in the truth revealed.

Run away, baby, run away.
Tell the world another day.
Run away, darling, run away.
Take a chance at another day.

Call the pain out from inside you,
Tell it all that you’re strong too.
Don’t let the sorrow come over you,
When you know that they’re with you too.

Run away, baby, run away.
Get away from this awful place.
Run away, darling, run away.
In the chance you’ll miss the pain.

Call the strength that dwells in you,
Tell it that, its time for truth.
Bring out your love that helps you through,
It’s time for you to be happy too.

Run away baby, run away.
Its easier if you leave this place.
Run away, darling, run away.
Lose yourself by it all again.

Call the lies out from that part of you,
Time for everyone to hear the truth.
Don’t let the fear control you,
When you know what you need to do.

Run away, baby, don’t run away.
It’s harder now if you stay.
But don’t run away...