My attempts to deliver a scripture

Written by: Sha'ntez Jefferson

Not divine enough to deliver scriptures
Just a uncommon erector or life depicter
Unapoligetically painting pictures,
that expose the sinister.
Like these spiritually damaging supposed ministers
Preying physically upon our undeserving young brothers and sisters
Or politically inspired facade motivators
Attempting to build the highest encasing for elevators  
Those with unapparent inclinations to deceive the nation
I pray till incoherent no reservations relieve my brethren
Searching for something more absorbent to our children than playstation
Waiting for an understanding heaven sent blessings for the fallen
And my thought process at times transgressed
Hard fought this stress nights could not rest
Send deep breaths through chest have many regrets
light sleep distressed were blest through tests
I spill my mind on the canvas like blood from open arteries
To heal the blind go bloodless like twice chosen batteries
Ran races with madness the finish line held tragedies
Then escaped that sadness now I spread these realities.